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News on March 8, 2013: The supplement “ICoVaX” was published on BMC Bioinformatics. The full content of the supplement can be found at:


Note: Submissions of papers to the workshop are now closed.

We however encourage you to submit topics for discussion during the event by contacting us.


List of Accepted Papers:

Accepted full-length papers:

  • Evaluation and integration of existing methods for computational prediction of allergens -- by: Jing Wang, Yabin Yu, Yunan Zhao, Dabing Zhang and Jing Li.
  • Prediction of Conformational Epitopes by Knowledge-based Energy Function and Geometrical Neighbouring Residue Contents -- by: Ying-Tsang Lo, Tun-Wen Pai, Wei-Kuo Wu and Hao-Teng Chang.
  • Protein-ligand Binding Region Prediction based on Geometric Features and GPU Acceleration -- by: Ying-Tsang Lo, Hsin-Wei Wang, Tun-Wen Pai, Wen-Shoung Tzou and Hao-Teng Chang.
  • Bioinformatics analysis of the epitope regions for Noroviruses Capsid Protein -- by: Liping Chen, Di Wu, Lei Ji, Xiaofang Wu, Deshun Xu, Zhiwei Cao and Jiankang Han.
  • Genome-wide prediction of vaccine targets for human herpes simplex viruses using Vaxign reverse vaccinology -- by: Zuoshuang Xiang and Yongqun He.
  • B-cell conformational epitope prediction: current status and future direction (Review) -- by: Jing Sun and Zhiwei Cao.

Accepted abstracts:

  • Heterologous immunity potentially affects the immune response to EV71 infection and vaccine -- by: Ruicheng Wei, Mei Zheng, Frances Terry, William Martin, Anne De Groot and Qibin Leng.
  • MetaMHCIIpan: a consensus approach for pan-specific HLA-DR binding predictions -- by: Lianming Zhang, Linyuan Guo, Hiroshi Mamitsuka and Shanfeng Zhu.
  • SAROTUP 2.0: a suite of web tools for finding potential target-unrelated peptides from phage display data -- by: Jian Huang and Beibei Ru.
  • Analysis of ChimeriVax Dengue virus envelope for T-cell epitopes and comparison to circulating viral strains in Indonesia -- by: Marsia Gustiananda, Tedjo Sasmono, Andres Gutierrez Nunez, Benediktus Yohan, Leonard Moise, Aryati, Puspa Wardhani, Frances Terry, William Martin and Anne S De Groot.
  • iVAX Web-based Vaccine Design -- by: Frances Terry, Denice Spero, William Martin and Anne De Groot.

Accepted software demonstration:

  • Software demonstration: Prediction of vaccine targets using the Vaxign reverse vaccinology program -- by: Zuoshuang Xiang and Yongqun He.


A final program that includes detailed presentation schedule will be announced soon. Please check the Final Program page for any updates.