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VaximmutorDB Introduction

Infectious diseases are still a major source of human mortality throughout the world. As one of the most significant inventions in modern medicine, vaccination has been used to dramatically protect humans against many infectious diseases and improve human health. However, our efforts to develop vaccines to protect against many diseases have not been successful. Future success of effective vaccine development relies on deep understanding of the molecular mechanisms of vaccine-host interactions and vaccine-induced immune pathways and networks.

A successful vaccination induces a series of immune responses eventually leading to an adaptive immunity against an infection or non-infectious disease. However, how exactly the immune responses are conducted is unclear yet. The VaximmutorDB is established with an aim to target this challenge. VaximmutorDB is a web-based central database and analysis system that curates, stores, and analyzes vaccine immune factors.

For easy explanation, here we define the term "vaximmutor" as an immune factor that is triggered by a vaccination and plays a role in vaccine-induced host immunity. Vaximmuntors are specifically targeted by innate and acquired immune response of the host and are able to induce protection in the host against infectious and non-infectious diseases. Vaximmutors play important roles in development of vaccines and biological markers for disease diagnosis and analysis of fundamental host immunity against diseases.

VaximmutorDB is a web-based database of “vaximmutors”. Over 1,700 vaximmutors have been collected, specific expression profiles of these vaximmutors under different experimental conditions and the interaction pathways and networks among these vaximmutors are not yet understood.