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Vaxjo: Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Vaxjo?

Answer: Vaxjo is a vaccine adjuvant database and analysis resource. Vaxjo is a independent program as part of VIOLIN.

2. What are the targeted users of Vaxjo?

Answer: The targeted users of Vaxjo include vaccine adjuvant users and researchers, and bioinformaticians interested in vaccine research.

3. What are vaccine adjuvants?

Answer: Vaccine adjuvants are compounds that enhance the specific immune responses against co-inoculated antigens in vaccines.

4. How are adjuvants classified?

Answer: Adjuvants can be classified based on their source, mechanism of action or physicochemical properties (reference: PMID:15479434):

  1. Based on the mechanism, adjuvants are classified by Edelman into three groups: (i) active immunostimulants: substances that increase the immune response to the co-administered antigen; (ii) carriers: immunogenic proteins providing T-cell help; and (iii) vehicle adjuvants: oil emulsions or liposomes serving as a matrix for antigens and stimulating the immune response.
  2. According to the administrative route, adjuvants can be classified into mucosal and parenteral adjuvants.
  3. Adjuvants can be classified into: alum salts and other mineral adjuvants; tensoactive agents; bacterial derivatives; vehicles and slow release materials or cytokines.
  4. Adjuvants can be classified into the groups: gel-based adjuvants, tensoactive agents, bacterial products, oil emulsions, particulated adjuvants, fusion proteins or lipopeptides.

5. to be continued ...