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Ribi Vaccine Adjuvant

Vaxjo ID 21
Vaccine Adjuvant Name Ribi Vaccine Adjuvant
Adjuvant VO ID VO_0001238
Description Ribi Adjuvant System (RAS) is a stable oil-in-water emulsion that may be used as an alternative to the water-in-oil emulsions (Sigma Aldrich).
Stage of Development Research
Components These adjuvants are derived from bacterial and mycobacterial cell wall components (Sigma Aldrich).
Function Ribi adjuvant (RA) has been proposed as a suitable alternative, as it stimulates both humoral and cell-mediated immune responses and is non- toxic (Ribi, 1984; Ribi et al., 1986). RA is an oil-in-water emulsion, making it easier to use than Freund's adjuvant (FA), a water-in-oil emulsion (Deeb et al., 1992).
Safety Ribi Vaccine adjuvants have been prepared to reduce the undesirable side effects of toxicity and allergenicity, but still provide potent stimulus to the immune system (Sigma Aldrich).
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Deeb et al., 1992: Deeb BJ, DiGiacomo RF, Kunz LL, Stewart JL. Comparison of Freund's and Ribi adjuvants for inducing antibodies to the synthetic antigen (TG)-AL in rabbits. Journal of immunological methods. 1992; 152(1); 105-113. [PubMed: 1640105].
Sigma Aldrich: Sigma Aldrich []