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Polygen Vaccine Adjuvant

Vaxjo ID 38
Vaccine Adjuvant Name Polygen Vaccine Adjuvant
Adjuvant VO ID VO_0001273
Description POLYGEN™ is a unique, terminally-sterilized, low molecular weight, copolymer adjuvant which can form cross-linkages in solution to become a high molecular weight gel. It is clear and colorless and is free of animal origin ingredients. POLYGEN™ can be mixed directly with vaccine antigens, without any further processing, to enhance the immunogenicity of a finished vaccine (MVP Laboratories Inc.).
Stage of Development Licensed
Location Licensed USA
Host Species for Licensed Use 12
Preparation POLYGEN™ should be mixed thoroughly before addition to the antigen. It can be added directly to inactivated or modified live antigens. After thorough mixing, the vaccine is ready to fill. It can be lyophilized separately or in the presence of antigen (MVP Laboratories Inc.).
Dosage It is recommended that POLYGEN™ be used at concentrations between 5% (v/v) to 15% (v/v) (MVP Laboratories Inc.).
Function POLYGEN™ has been demonstrated to stimulate a significant interferon gamma response when used in a parasite vaccine for cattle. It has also been used successfully as a carrier for cytosinephosphodiester- quanine oligodeoxynecleotides (CpG ODN) (MVP Laboratories Inc.).
Safety POLYGEN™ has been approved for use in veterinary vaccines by USDA and provides a high degree of safety in companion animals and farm animals, especially with viral, parasite and subunit vaccines. It is normal for POLYGEN™ to exhibit toxicity in laboratory mice when injected IP at vaccine concentrations (MVP Laboratories Inc.).
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