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aluminum potassium sulfate adjuvant

Vaxjo ID 5
Vaccine Adjuvant Name aluminum potassium sulfate adjuvant
Adjuvant VO ID VO_0001240
Description Aluminum potassium sulfate (alum) is an adjuvant that prolongs the persistence of antigen and is one of the few adjuvants approved for general human use.
((Kindt T.J. et al., 2007))
Stage of Development Licensed
Host Species for Licensed Use 2
Components Aluminum Potassium Sulfate AlK(SO4)2
Preparation Precipitation with aluminum potassium sulfate: Protein adsorption to aluminum salt was carried out as described previously. The amount of hydrated aluminum potassium sulfate [AlK(S04)2. 12H20; Fisher Scientific Co., Fair Lawn, N.J.] was calculated according to the necessary amount of protein to assure a proportion of 0.8 ,ug of aluminum ion (Al3") to 100 Mg of protein. A 10% (0.21 M) solution of hydrated AlK(SO4)2 was prepared in 0.01 M phosphate- buffered saline, pH 6.2. The protein solution and the corresponding amount of 10% aluminum salt solution were mixed to a final volume of 10 ml in 0.01 M phosphate-buffered saline, pH 6.2. The pH was then adjusted to 5.0 with 1 N NaOH, and the adsorption proceeded for 2 h at room temperature with gentle stirring. The gel was then pelleted, washed twice with saline, and re-suspended in 0.1 M phosphate-buffered saline, pH 7.2. The re-suspension was made based on the adsorption of protein to the aluminum gel, the efficiency of which was over 95%. The final preparation contained 25 Mg of protein adsorbed to 0.2 Mg of Al" in 500Mul. This dose was administered to each animal (Ida et al., 1989).
Function Aluminum-containing vaccines are prepared by the adsorption of antigens onto aluminum hydroxide or aluminum phosphate gels or by the precipitation of antigens in a solution of potassium aluminum sulfate (Heidary and Cohen, 2005).
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(Kindt T.J. et al., 2007): Kindt, T.J., Goldsby, R.A, Osborne B.A.,. Antigens and Antibodies. 81. Kuby immunology. 2007. Freeman and Company, New York, NY.
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Ida et al., 1989: Ida N, Sakurai S, Hosaka T, Hosoi K, Kunitomo T, Shimazu T, Maruyama T, Matsuura Y, Kohase M. Establishment of strongly neutralizing monoclonal antibody to human interleukin-6 and its epitope analysis. Biochemical and biophysical research communications. 1989; 165(2); 728-734. [PubMed: 2480783].