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LTR192G Vaccine Adjuvant

Vaxjo ID 77
Vaccine Adjuvant Name LTR192G Vaccine Adjuvant
Adjuvant VO ID VO_0001321
Description An alternative approach to detoxification of LT was the generation of a mutant, LT(R192G), with a single amino acid substitution in the proteolytically sensitive loop of subunit A which rendered the protein insensitive to trypsin cleavage and greatly reduced ADP ribosyltransferase activity and toxicity in vitro and in vivo. LT(R192G) retains adjuvant activity for the induction of immune responses to several mucosally administered protein antigens (Lu et al., 2002).
Stage of Development Clinical Trial
Components Mutant form of E. coli heat-labile enterotoxin (Lu et al., 2002).
Dosage Since some mutant toxin products have demonstrated reduced adjuvant activity compared with wildtype at lower doses, it has been demonstrated that LT(R192G), at doses as low as 1 μg, is as effective as wtLT in augmenting protective immunity in the upper and lower respiratory tract of mice induced by oral influenza vaccine (Lu et al., 2002).
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Lu et al., 2002: Lu X, Clements JD, Katz JM. Mutant Escherichia coli heat-labile enterotoxin [LT(R192G)] enhances protective humoral and cellular immune responses to orally administered inactivated influenza vaccine. Vaccine. 2002; 20(7-8); 1019-1029. [PubMed: 11803061].