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Vesicular stomatitis virus vaccine vector

Vaxvec ID 11
Vaccine Vector Name Vesicular stomatitis virus vaccine vector
Alternative Names VSV vaccine vector
Vector VO ID VO_0001025
Advantage The advantages include: (1) Simple structure and rapid high-titer growth of VSV in mammalian and many other cell types; (2) Relatively easy to manipulate (Garbutt et al., 2004).
Disadvantage Genome size restrictions of the successful VSVΔG allow the vectors to accommodate only a single filovirus GP gene.
Host 2
Description VSV is a virus from the Rhabdoviridae family and the Vesiculovirus genus (Garbutt et al., 2004). Regarding administration, in general, classic virological approaches are easily applicable.
Related Vaccine(s)
Brown et al., 2011: Brown KS, Safronetz D, Marzi A, Ebihara H, Feldmann H. Vesicular stomatitis virus-based vaccine protects hamsters against lethal challenge with Andes virus. Journal of virology. 2011; 85(23); 12781-12791. [PubMed: 21917979].
Cobleigh et al., 2013: Cobleigh MA, Wei X, Robek MD. A vesicular stomatitis virus-based therapeutic vaccine generates a functional CD8 T cell response to hepatitis B virus in transgenic mice. Journal of virology. 2013; 87(5); 2969-2973. [PubMed: 23269785].
Falzarano et al., 2011: Falzarano D, Feldmann F, Grolla A, Leung A, Ebihara H, Strong JE, Marzi A, Takada A, Jones S, Gren J, Geisbert J, Jones SM, Geisbert TW, Feldmann H. Single immunization with a monovalent vesicular stomatitis virus-based vaccine protects nonhuman primates against heterologous challenge with Bundibugyo ebolavirus. The Journal of infectious diseases. 2011; 204 Suppl 3; S1082-1089. [PubMed: 21987745].
Garbutt et al., 2004: Garbutt M, Liebscher R, Wahl-Jensen V, Jones S, Moller P, Wagner R, Volchkov V, Klenk HD, Feldmann H, Stroher U. Properties of replication-competent vesicular stomatitis virus vectors expressing glycoproteins of filoviruses and arenaviruses. Journal of virology. 2004; 78(10); 5458-5465. [PubMed: 15113924].
Gautam et al., 2011: Gautam R, Iyer A, Hunter M, Das A, Williams T, Dufour J, Apetrei C, Kousoulas KG, Marx PA. Vesicular stomatitis virus-simian retrovirus type 2 vaccine protects macaques from detectable infection and B-cell destruction. Journal of virology. 2011; 85(12); 5889-5896. [PubMed: 21490096].
Halbherr et al., 2013: Halbherr SJ, Brostoff T, Tippenhauer M, Locher S, Berger Rentsch M, Zimmer G. Vaccination with recombinant RNA replicon particles protects chickens from H5N1 highly pathogenic avian influenza virus. PloS one. 2013; 8(6); e66059. [PubMed: 23762463].
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Marthas et al., 2011: Marthas ML, Van Rompay KK, Abbott Z, Earl P, Buonocore-Buzzelli L, Moss B, Rose NF, Rose JK, Kozlowski PA, Abel K. Partial efficacy of a VSV-SIV/MVA-SIV vaccine regimen against oral SIV challenge in infant macaques. Vaccine. 2011; 29(17); 3124-3137. [PubMed: 21377510].
Schell et al., 2011: Schell JB, Rose NF, Bahl K, Diller K, Buonocore L, Hunter M, Marx PA, Gambhira R, Tang H, Montefiori DC, Johnson WE, Rose JK. Significant protection against high-dose simian immunodeficiency virus challenge conferred by a new prime-boost vaccine regimen. Journal of virology. 2011; 85(12); 5764-5772. [PubMed: 21490100].
Schwartz et al., 2011: Schwartz JA, Buonocore L, Suguitan A Jr, Hunter M, Marx PA, Subbarao K, Rose JK. Vesicular stomatitis virus-based H5N1 avian influenza vaccines induce potent cross-clade neutralizing antibodies in rhesus macaques. Journal of virology. 2011; 85(9); 4602-4605. [PubMed: 21325423].
Tomczyk and Orzechowska, 2013: Tomczyk T, Orzechowska B. [Vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) as a vaccine vector for immunization against viral infections]. Postepy higieny i medycyny doswiadczalnej (Online). 2013; 67; 1345-1358. [PubMed: 24379275].
Wu et al., 2014: Wu F, Fan X, Yue Y, Xiong S, Dong C. A vesicular stomatitis virus-based mucosal vaccine promotes dendritic cell maturation and elicits preferable immune response against coxsackievirus B3 induced viral myocarditis. Vaccine. 2014; ; . [PubMed: 24874923].