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canarypox viral vector

Vaxvec ID 14
Vaccine Vector Name canarypox viral vector
Alternative Names CaPV
Vector VO ID VO_0001043
Function This vector has been applied with success to vaccinate against emergent infectious disease and cancer in humans. (Di et al., 2013)
Advantage In human clinical trials, attenuated canarypox strain was considered to be a highly advanced recombinant poxviral vaccine vector (Di et al., 2013). The canarypox vaccine vector has been successfully employed against cancer in humans and emergent infectious diseases. Canarypox virus is one of the most advanced recombinant poxviral vaccine vectors in human clinical trials.
Safety The canarypox vaccine vector is pathogenic in some avian species but incapable of effectively infecting humans. This property of its virulence is due to its inability to complete its life cycle and create an particle that is infectious.
Description Attenuated canarypox strain is part of the poxviridae family. It is classified under the avipoxvirus genera and is one of the highly attenuated vaccinia virus (VACV) strains. It's genome size is approximately 330 kbp and it has about 320 genes. (Di et al., 2013)
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de et al., 2004: de Bruyn G, Rossini AJ, Chiu YL, Holman D, Elizaga ML, Frey SE, Burke D, Evans TG, Corey L, Keefer MC. Safety profile of recombinant canarypox HIV vaccines. Vaccine. 2004; 22(5-6); 704-713. [PubMed: 14741163].
Di et al., 2013: Di Pilato M, Mejías-Pérez E, Gómez CE, Perdiguero B, Sorzano CO, Esteban M. New vaccinia virus promoter as a potential candidate for future vaccines. The Journal of general virology. 2013; 94(Pt 12); 2771-2776. [PubMed: 24077296].
Guthrie et al., 2009: Guthrie AJ, Quan M, Lourens CW, Audonnet JC, Minke JM, Yao J, He L, Nordgren R, Gardner IA, Maclachlan NJ. Protective immunization of horses with a recombinant canarypox virus vectored vaccine co-expressing genes encoding the outer capsid proteins of African horse sickness virus. Vaccine. 2009; 27(33); 4434-4438. [PubMed: 19490959].
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