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Currently available veterinary vaccine databases focus on vaccine regulations and safety. Their targets are primarily patients, hospital professionals, and the public. The data in these databases are primarily in the HTML or PDF formats. These formats do not support deep data integration and comparison of various data of licensed vaccines. To primarily support research and development of human vaccines, we have developed the web-based database Huvax to collect, annotate and analyse licensed veterinary vaccines. To our knowledge, Huvax is the first web relational database that targets to provide structured itemized data for licensed human vaccines.

The Vevax database includes all licensed human vaccines avaiable on the markets of the United States and Canada. It also includes many licensed human vaccines in other countries. Many vaccines are also listed by the .......... Vevax has provided cross references based on these USDA veterinary vaccine codes. The annotated data cover vaccine types, preparation, adjuvants, preservatives, allergens, age groups, administration routes, manufacturers, immune responses, and adverse events. The itemized data for these licensed human vaccines are annoted by the VIOLIN team through manual curation and a vigorous review process. Reliable sources used in our data annotation include: US USDA websites, PubMed peer-reviewed journal article publications.

The Vevax web interface also allows user-friendly query and analysis of various human vaccines. Various criteria can be used for querying human vaccines. Different vaccines can be compared side by side.

All licensed human vaccine data are presented in the community-based Vaccine Ontology (VO; The inclusion of licensed human vaccines in VO supports vaccine data standardization, data exchange, and automated reasoning.