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COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Query and Analysis

The vaccine safety database is designed to store the VAERS vaccine adverse event (VAE) case report data, and provide different query and statistical data analysis features. Our statistical data analysis follows the protocol defined in the previous study (Sarntivijai et al, 2012).

Three specific programs have been developed:

  1. Conditional query: This program allows conditional query of COVID-19 vaccine adverse events based on different filitering criteria, such as vaccine name, age, gender, state, and vaccination date.
  2. VAE case query: The query input is the VAERS case report ID, and the query output is the detailed information of the de-identified individual COVID-19 vaccine adverse event case.
  3. Statistical analysis: This program allows the users to dynamically run statistical analysis of specific COVID-19 vaccine adverse events using our analysis pipeline.

Note: Please read the following Disclaimer before you proceed with any of the above programs.

DISCLAIMER: Before using this website, please ensure that you have read, understand, and agree on the VAERS disclaimer shown at: As described in the indicated CDC/FDA VAERS Disclaimer, the VAERS data largely came from voluntary reporting. It has the advantage of nation-wide reporting and can provide some early warning of potential safety issue(s) with a vaccine. However, the VAERS "Reports may include incomplete, inaccurate, coincidental and unverified information". In addition, the VAERS data alone cannot be used to determine the causality of the identified vaccine adverse event. Instead of being causal, it only shows statistical association based on our statistical data analysis pipeline.

Please let us know if you have any comments and suggestions. Thank you.