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VaximmutorDB: Vaccine Immune Factors

     A "vaximmutor" is coined here to represent an immune factors that is triggered by a vaccination and plays a role in vaccine-induced host immunity. Vaximmuntors are specifically targeted by the innate or acquired immune system of the host and are able to induce acquired immunity and protection in the host against infectious and non-infectious diseases. Vaximmutors play important roles in development of vaccines and biological markers for disease diagnosis and analysis of fundamental host immunity against diseases. VaximmutorDB is a web-based central database and analysis system that curates, stores, and analyzes various vaccine-induced immune factors (i.e., Vaximmutors).

     It is noted that this is still a new project in VIOLIN. More research is under way. Stay tuned ...

Statistics: Vaximmutordb currently stores 1741 vaccine immune factors from 13 host types (e.g., human, mouse, pig, and fish). These vaximmutors are triggered by 154 vaccines for 46 pathogens.

Provenance: The data in Vaximmutordb originates from our literature curation and boinformatics analyses.

Publication: Kimberly Berke, Peter Sun, Edison Ong, Nasim Sanati, Anthony Huffman, Timothy Brunson, Fred Loney, Joseph Ostrow, Rebecca Racz, Bin Zhao, Zuoshuang Xiang, Anna Maria Masci, Jie Zheng, Guanming Wu, Yongqun He, VaximmutorDB: A web-based vaccine immune factor database and its data analysis for understanding vaccine-induced immune responses. Front. Immunol. | doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2021.639491. Accepted.