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Huvax: Frequently Asked Questions

1. What's Huvax?

Huvax is a web-based relational database that stores manually curated, itemized data of licensed human vacciens around the world. Currently Huvax includes all licensed human vaccines in the markets of the USA and Canada. It also includes many human licensed vaccines from other countries.

2. How is Huvax related to the general VIOLIN system?

Huvax is a program under the umbrella of VIOLIN. If a user or a curator wants to submit new data to Huvax, this will be done in the general VIOLIN data curation and submission system. The data queriable in Huvax is also stored in the general VIOLIN database. VIOLIN currently collects over 3,000 vaccines against over 170 pathogens and non-infectious diseases (e.g., cancer) in humans and various animals. These vaccines include vaccines in research, under clinical trials, or licensed and used in the market. Licensed human vaccines are central to improve the public health. Compared to other vaccines, licensed human vaccines have many unique features such as licensed vaccine manufacturer, license location, and unique identifiers in different databases. The generation of the Huvax program allows us to focus on licensed human vaccines and provide a strong support on systematic and bioinformatics annotation and analysis of these human vaccines.