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Vaxvec: A Database of Recombinant Vaccine Vectors and Recombinant Vector Vaccines

     A vaccine vector is a weakened or killed version of a virus or bacterium that cannot cause disease in hosts (e.g., human) and is used in genetically engineered vaccines to transport genes coding for antigens into the body to induce an immune response.

     Vaxvec aims to collect and analyze vaccine vectors used in vaccine development and research for diseases important for the public health.

     The Vaxvec website includes the following programs:

  • Vaxvec Vectors: Query recombinant vaccine vectors that have been experimentally verified and stored in Vaxvec.
  • Vaxvec vaccines: Query recombinant vector vaccines that have been experimentally verified and stored in Vaxvec.
  • Vaxvec Antigens: Query protective antigens that have been used in experimentally verified recombinant vector vaccines.
  • Vaxvec Antigens BLAST: BLAST DNA or protein sequence similarity search against the protective antigens used in experimentally verified recombinant vector vaccines
  • Data Exchange: Exchange of data stored in Vaxvec.
  • Data Submission: A web-based interactive program for submitting Vaxvec data.


Data Provenance:

All data stored in our Vaxvec database originated from our own manual annotation/curation from peer-reviewed publications.

Vaxvec publication (Please cite this paper if you use Vaxvec):

Deng S, Martin C, Patil R, Zhu F, Zhao B, Xiang Z, He Y. Vaxvec: The first web-based recombinant vaccine vector database and its data analysis. Vaccine. 2015 Sep 21. pii: S0264-410X(15)01284-0. doi: 10.1016/j.vaccine.2015.07.113. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 26403370.